Wednesday, October 3

"Gay College Film Student Needs Your Help"

Circa 2007: Cylan Shaffer, once a sixteen year old host at T.G.I. Friday's when we first met. Not yet ready to face his inner fabulousness. There were talks among the servers and other hostess' that the dark-haired cutie with a smile could possibly play for my team. His sister defending her little brother's 'honor' that there was no way Cy could be gay...

It wasn't until November 2010 when we reconnected and my role as mentor became apparent:

Late night convo's about holding onto the cherished "vcard". 
Staying closeted until the right moment. 
First midnight love-affair. 
Coming out
Playing safe 
Emotionally distraught situations. 
Overcoming adversity. 

Cylan and I have built a brotherly bond and I am proud of all he's done for our community and is about to do with the release of his senior film.

Below is a link to the video preview and links to how you can donate to his senior production.


 Please support Cylan and his team in any way you can by monetary or sharing via all social media sites.

Short Summary About “III”
“III” is about a steamy affair that challenges contemporary dancer Elijah to take a leap of faith and renounce the loving stability from his current boyfriend. My senior film is a passion project dedicated towards the work I desire to produce within the industry. My aspiration is to create and tell stories that defy stereotypes and the ‘single story’.

My name is Cylan Shaffer and I am a senior in the University of Arizona BFA Film and Television Production program. During our final year, we are required to create a short film approximately 7 minutes in length that will serve as our thesis for graduation.

Creating a short film demands a budget to make the production possible. I am trying to reach a goal of $1,750 to turn this promotional video into a full length short film. Meeting our goal, we will be able to afford items for production design, costumes, camera gear, location rentals, food for cast and crew, and other production equipment, things that the project would be greatly hindered without.
If interested in more detailed information about the project and campaign, below outlines  why we have the passion to create this project and tell this story, how the funds raised will specifically be used for, and other ways you can help us with this campaign beside donating.

Thank you in advance to everyone. We are excited about this project and cannot wait to show everyone the final product. Mark your calendars for Saturday May 11th, where all the senior film productions will be showcased at the Fox Theater in Tucson, Arizona!!!

Video teaser: DONATION!

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